How do I work?

I have 5 main methods of working. I will outline these below:

  1. Short-term solution focussed counselling.
  2. Long-term open-ended psychotherapy.
  3. Addictions consultation & counselling.
  4. Interpersonal group psychotherapy.
  5. Psychoeducational individual or group work.

1. Short-term solution focussed counselling. This is where the counselling sessions are focussed on a single particular problem or issue. These are generally Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) sessions. They include depression, anxiety etc. I have excellent evidence and research based programmes and these usually take between 6 and 10 sessions. The length of therapy will be decided at the first session. CBT sessions are fairly directive and are based around assignments. This means that there is quite a lot of homework.

2. Long-term open-ended psychotherapy. This is quite different. People come to therapy for many different reasons but for some there is a need to have space to talk and be listened to without limitations. I see this as a space to bring light into a dark place.

3. Addictions consultancy. This is a multi-tiered service consisting of a series of modular programmes or interventions from assessment, diagnosis and referral to a yearlong Intensive Outpatient Programme (IOP). There are core programme, such as primary, secondary or outpatient treatment etc. The other services are “bolted-on” when there is a need. The client chooses what s/he believes is appropriate and we start a group when 3 or more people have expressed an interest. I also offer relapse prevention counselling and psychotherapy (based on CENAPS Model)

4. Interpersonal group psychotherapy. This is based on the idea that when people gather in a group and when safety and intimacy has developed, old patterns and behaviours from the past will surface into the here-and-now allowing awareness, change and healing to begin. The emphasis is on process rather than content; on how people say things rather than what they say.

5. Psychoeducational groups and workshops. These are available to develop and enhance emotional and cognitive literacy and health. These include communicational skills, assertiveness training, HIV/AIDS Education, parenting skills etc. Workshops are usually group sessions devoted to a single topic. I have a repertoire of over a hundred topics. Examples include intimacy, grandiosity, Johari Window, Cycle of Change etc. Call for more details.