Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder affecting the biological, physical. mental, emotional, psychological, moral, family and social life of the addicted individual, their family and loved ones as well as society at large.

This statement is central to the approach Next Step Therapy takes in reducing the impact of addiction on the individual, their families and society at large.

To accomplish this, we have developed our abstinence based 12 week fulltime Intensive Addictions Treatment Programme (IATP). The programme has three main interrelating  elements:

  1. The Addict
  2. The Counsellor
  3. The Programme

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Model of Treatment

Phases of Programme


Mission Statement

The Next Step aims to become a premier provider of addictions treatment and psychotherapeutic services to individuals and their loved ones suffering from the consequences of addiction.

We will achieve this by offering a unique and authentic synthesis of the best evidence based addictions treatment programmes and psychotherapeutic interventions available today with a dedicated and highly experienced and qualified staff who also have personal long-term recovery from addictions.

The overall framework will be that of a Therapeutic Community