The Addict

This is an individual who meets the diagnostic criteria for substance dependence syndrome. By substance, we mean alcohol or other drugs. We also accept clients who meet the diagnostic criteria for substance abuse.

Because of the intensity of our programme, all clients need to have reached a stage in their lives where they are willing to take action to be free of addiction and its consequences. They need to be “sick and tired of being sick and tired” We realise that this process of recognition, admittance and commitment to change can be quite prolonged so we offer a Pre-treatment Group for people who are nearing the end of their alcohol or other drug (AOD) use or who have expressed a desire for or commitment to total abstinence. This will consist of motivational enhancement groups and information workshops. Families and significant others are welcome to attend the workshops.

We evaluate an individual’s readiness to change by carrying out a series of evidence-based assessments and psychometric testing. They will also have a face to face interview with an experienced addictions therapist.  Once a predetermined threshold has been reached, the person is admitted to the IATP or other appropriate treatment option.

We expect all participants in the IATP to engage in local mutual aid groups. Practically, this means that they must attend a minimum of three 12-Step or SMART recovery groups a week. This will be integrated into their treatment programme and individualised treatment plans.

Although our programme is intensive and complex, we will never lose sight of the important fact that treatment is most effective when the emphasis is on client needs and not programme needs. In practical terms this means that treatment planning is central and that this treatment plan is amended to reflect changes in the clients psychological, social, interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning or perceptions. This will be evaluated through weekly psychotherapy and key worker sessions and also through extensive psychometric testing.

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