Phases of Programme

To provide an effective antidote to the relapse process, we have broken our programme down into several discrete stages.  Comprehensive monitoring is carried out and progress from one stage to the next is dependent on meeting certain predetermined thresholds.

These stages are as follows:

  1. Pre-treatment Phase
  2. Assessment, Induction & Orientation Phase
  3. Early Engagement and Recovery Phase
  4. Retention & Change (Recovery) Phase
  5. Transition, Reintegration & Discharge Phase
  6. Aftercare Phase

These phases are not programme driven. Most of the main psychosocial and psychoeducational groups are carried out in two 6 week cycles. Clients can enter the programme at any point in the therapeutic programme.

Transition from one phase to the next is solely determined by comprehensive psychometric testing and counsellor feedback. See Page 10 for an outline of the psychometric testing we carry out.