Phase 1: Pre-treatment Phase

This stage is for individuals who express a commitment to total abstinence from all mood altering substances but are still actively using alcohol and other drugs. They might be engaged with a harm reduction programme or with another service provider in the treatment field. The function of this phase is:

  1. To assist clients to plan and prepare for detox, either medically or in the community, if necessary
  2. To provide information on the process of addiction.
  3. To provide information on total abstinence recovery.
  4. To enhance motivation.
  5. To prepare for entry into the IATP

The programme lasts for 6 weeks and starts with a  screening and DSM-IV diagnosis. An experienced counsellor interviews the prospective client and administers psychometric testing to gauge readiness for treatment and motivation. This consists of the following evidence-based instruments:

  1. Desire for help
  2. Treatment readiness
  3. Needs index
  4. Criminal thinking scale
  5. Depression & anxiety index (NHS)

When a threshold (33rd percentile) is reached on the first 3 tests, the individual is capable of entering the IATP, providing:

  1. They have been alcohol and other drugs free for the week prior to entry
  2. They live in stable accommodation with no alcohol and other drugs are used either socially, recreationally or illegally
  3. Funding is in place
  4. An experienced counsellor believes that they will benefit from the programme

Admission from a medical detox unit, prison or primary treatment programme is also possible. As is referral from criminal justice service, local authority drug team or GP surgery.

The groups will consist of two 2 hour sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon or Monday and Wednesday evenings..