Treatment Programme

The programme lasts for 12 weeks of 5 days per week. This is a total of 60 days. The following are the main components of the Intensive Addiction Treatment Programme (IATP). Please follow the links for more details

  1. Individual Counselling Sessions Twice weekly:  programme orientated keyworker session and 1 psychotherapeutic session
  2. Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy Twice daily: 90 min main group in the morning and 30 minute closure/checkout group in afternoon (see Timetable below)
  3. Matrix Intensive Outpatient Programme
  4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Groups
  5. Substance-specific CBT Interventions (Individual or Group)
  6. PsychoEducational Groups
  7. Psychoeducational Workshops and Lectures
  8. Aftercare