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This is the home page for all services offered to other therapists, health and treatment providers or businesses and not to the general public.

Please choose from the list of services offered by Next Step Therapy.

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  1. Clinical Screen, Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment  Service.
  2. Therapist Business Service
    1. Subscription Referral Service
    2. Outsourcing extra work to a bank of therapists and providing back office, online diary service as well as room provision in our clinic.
    3. Room hire to other psychological therapists.
    4. Support clinical and business services for newly qualified therapists.
  3. Clinical Supervision
    1. Individual.
    2. Organisational.
  4. Employee Assistance Programme (EAPs)
  5. Insurance Company Referrals
  6. Staff Training
    1. Clinical (students etc)
    2. Corporate
  7. Drug Screening & Testing
  8. Corporate Substance Misuse Training