Calming Techniques

When you are angry because of an unforeseen event, such as a traffic jam, broken appliance, or stressful work meeting, the negative emotion usually subsides shortly after you fix the problem or escape the situation. However, when you are angry with another person, your words and actions can jeopardize your future personal or professional relationship with that person. Therefore, it is wise to learn several different calming techniques that allow you to release your anger, put the conflict in perspective and determine what you can do to resolve the situation and restore a harmonious relationship before you speak or act.

Step 1

Leave the room. Putting space between you and the person you are angry with can allow you the space you need to disengage from the situation and work through your feelings of anger.

Step 2

Practice deep breathing exercises, says the American Psychological Association. Picture your breath coming in and out from your gut, and repeat a relaxing phrase, such as “I am calm now” in your mind over and over again as you breathe in and out.

Step 3

Count to 10, suggests, to allow your mind to begin thinking rationally so that you will not end up saying or doing something that you will regret later.

Step 4

Perform physical exercise. Taking a walk around the block, swimming laps in a pool or doing yoga exercises in your living room can provide an outlet to release your anger and calm you down enough to deal with the situation at hand.

Step 5

Use aromatherapy to center yourself. Light your favorite scented candle, essential oil diffuser or incense stick and concentrate on the calming smell until you feel that you are in control of your emotions.

Step 6

Use progressive muscle relaxation techniques to work the stress out of your body. Tense and relax the muscles in your legs, arms, face, feet and hands until your whole body feels loose and light.

Step 7

Perform a self-massage to work the tension out of your muscles. Use warm, scented oils, if you can, to rub your feet, legs, arms, hands and face to release the tension in your muscles and increase blood flow throughout your body.

Step 8

Write down your feelings in a journal or notebook. Take note of who you are angry with and why you are angry with him. List several ways that you can resolve your anger with him in a calm, respectful manner that ends the conflict and strengthens your relationship.

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