Communication Skills for Men

Time Out! For Men encourages the development of intimacy, open communication, and practical problem-solving—important areas of personal growth and stability for men. Research has suggested that improvements in personal relationships may be strongly related to positive outcomes such as reduced anger and aggression. It is hoped that by offering men a forum where relationship issues can be honestly discussed they will feel empowered to make changes that can lead to strong, supportive relationships

These are the topics covered in the 8 weekly sessions:
1. Assessment and Introduction
2. A New Outlook on Relationships
3. An Assertive Attitude
4. Listening
5. Talk It Over, Part 1: Feelings and Needs
6. Talk It Over, Part 2: Resolving Conflict
7. Loving Relationships
8. Making Relationships Work

The workshop focuses on communication skills such as listening, assertiveness, I Statements, sharing feelings, and conflict resolution.

Sessions are organized for presentation in eight (8)  one-hour individual or two-hour group sessions. Groups will be led by a male counsellor who has had experience conducting educational workshops.

Homework assignments are included to encourage men to work on specific skill areas with their partners or significant others. Each session contains instructions for preparing class materials, along with handouts, discussion questions, and ideas for presenting information on each topic.