Understanding and Reducing Angry Feelings

This is a short four week course for individuals whose anger is still fairly manageable but is beginning to get out of control. It can act as a ‘wake-up call’

Session 1:  Understanding Anger
This session includes worksheets, handouts, and the antecedents of anger to help participants become more aware of their physical cues and emotional responses to anger and frustration. It includes discussion questions to help and encourage clients to talk about the situational aspects of anger and strategies for self-regulation.
Session 2: Managing Anger in Relationships
This session features a solution-focused or strengths-based discussion of managing anger. Participants are invited to think about times when they have been able to successfully manage angry feelings and to think about how to build on those successes. It will highlight healthy and unhealthy reactions to anger.

Session 3: Mapping Worksheets
These Mapping Worksheets were selected  because of their specific focus on anger and emotional regulation. Each mapping worksheet follows a “fill in the blank” format to encourage clients to consider various cognitive aspects of how we respond to feelings. Once participants complete their worksheet, discussion and commentary on the causes and effects of anger and strategies for interrupting angry patterns are facilitated.

Session 4: The Aggression Cycle
This session helps clients explore how building feelings of anger and resentment can spiral into a cycle of explosive or destructive behaviour. It includes activities that encourage participants to pay attention to physical and emotional “warning signs” for explosive anger. Instructions for learning a relaxation technique are included.