Improving Low Self-Esteem

This information package is designed to provide you with some information about low self-esteem – how it develops, how it is maintained, and how to address this problem. This programme is organised into modules that are designed to be worked through in sequence. We recommend that you complete one module before going on to the next. Each module includes information, worksheets, and suggested exercises or activities.


Programme Modules

Module 1: What Is Low Self-Esteem

This module provides an overview of what low self-esteem is, how it can be a problem, and what kind of impact it can have on a person’s life.


Module 2: How Low Self-Esteem Develops

This module explores, and provides a model of, how low self-esteem develops and might remain dormant in a person’s life.


Module 3: How Low Self-Esteem Is Maintained

This module explores, and provides a model, of how low self-esteem is maintained at an acute level.


Module 4: Biased Expectations

This module begins to address the problem of low self-esteem by tackling one type of negative thoughts known as biased expectations.


Module 5: Negative Self-Evaluations

This module tackles another type of negative thoughts that keep low self-esteem going – negative self-evaluations.


Module 6: Accepting Yourself

Another way of addressing negative self-evaluations is learning to accept oneself. This module explores how to identify and acknowledge one’s positive qualities.


Module 7: Adjusting Rules & Assumptions

This module addresses the next phase of chipping away at low self-esteem and explores how one can begin to make adjustments to their unhelpful rules and assumptions.


Module 8: Developing Balanced Core Beliefs

This module explores the final step of challenging deep-seated negative beliefs about oneself with the ultimate aim of developing balanced core beliefs.