These are some of the therapy groups we have available at Next Step Therapy. Group will start when 4 or more people have expressed an intention to start. There will be a maximum of eight in each group except psychosocial workshops which will have a maximum of 15.

Please click on any of the links below for more information. For details of how much groups will cost, please see the Payments page. For more information on group therapy, in general, please see FAQs page.

If you are interested and would like to apply to join a group or join a waiting list, please complete the Initial Contact Form

General Mental Wellness

Support Group. For more information please see Group FAQs

Mood Management Groups (Info)

  • Back from the Bluez – Coping with Depression
  • Keeping Your Balance – Coping with Bipolar Disorder
  • Shy No Longer – Coping with Social Anxiety
  • Panic Stations – Coping with Panic Attacks
  • What? Me Worry!?! – Mastering Your Worries
  • Improving Self- Esteem – Overcoming Low Self- Esteem
  • Put Off Procrastinating!!! – Overcoming Procrastination
  • Assert Yourself! – Improve your Assertiveness
  • Facing Your Feelings – Distress Intolerance
  • Building Body Acceptance – Overcoming Body Dysmorphia
  • Perfectioni sm in Perspective – Overcoming Perfectionism
  • Overcoming Disordered Eating – Part A *
  • Overcoming Disordered Eating – Part B *

* Referral letter necessary (from medical or mental health practitioner)

Anger Management Groups

  • Cage the Rage!
  • It’s OK to be Angry
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Adolescent Aggression & Violence Control
  • Mixed Anger Group

Addictions Treatment Groups

  • Here and Now Psychotherapy Group
  • Anger Manage for Substance Misuse Clients
  • Early Recovery Skills
  • Relapse Prevention 1
  • Relapse Prevention 2
  • Family Education & Support
  • Social Support & Continuing Care
  • Working the Twelve Steps – a secular and scientific view

Psychoeducational Groups


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