Attending to your Feelings

Generally we notice feelings in relationship to events. When we recall events we often get an emotional reaction. The stronger that emotion, the higher the probability that our feelings are being resisted or suppressed from awareness.

Feelings may come in these flavors:

  • Physical sensations/pain
  • Emotions
  • Compulsions/obsessions (The after effects of deeper feelings)
  • Impulses
  • Desires or wants
  • Moods

It probably isn’t all that important that we have scientific sounding names for our feelings. Anxiety and depression can just as well be called feelings, up energy, down energy, neutral energy, hurt. What is important is that we full feel them with no intention of getting rid of them or keeping them. When we do this in an attentive and accepting way we get their messages and they become integrated. When we don’t, we get missed messages, growing stress, losses of awareness, and all sorts of challenges. Our health can be effected.

When we clear, integrate, or release we soon discover many more feelings are there. The intellect can not fathom what is there. As we explore, we come to realize our feelings are more based on our views of events than the events themselves no matter how impactful.

Thoughts and feelings come hand in hand. Feelings are spawned by beliefs and thought forms. Beliefs and thought forms are the stimulus for feelings. Feelings and thoughts are energy forms. When they are cleared or integrated they returned to formlessness.

Physical sensations may be pain, hunger, fatigue, sensations of alertness. They may or may not have any emotional content.

Emotions are filtered and stimulated by beliefs. Because we believe someone should not have thrown trash in our yard and they are slobs, we become angry due to their going against our rules. Emotions can be anxiety, depression, anger, rage, sadness, guilt, shame, embarrassment.

Compulsions/obsessions are the swirl of thoughts and images that come up when we are overwhelmed in one area of our life and our unconscious utilizes the compulsion to keep our awareness from other unfelt emotions and feelings. The compulsion is a driven sense like a dire need. Because of its urgency, it keeps our awareness away from other thoughts and feelings. Compulsions are an unconscious defense mechanism. They can be witnessed in addictions.

Impulses are related to unconscious motivations. They are generally irrational where desires, wants, and preferences frequently are not.

Moods are vague overall feelings. They can be negative and distressing or they can be positive and uplifting. Even neutral moods can appear. Moods can be witnessed in a sense of dissatisfaction, loneliness, insecurity.

Feelings ask for our attention. If we spend sometime each day feeling them we can enhance our lives. Unintegrated feelings can create emotional overload and stress. We also get out of contact with ourselves when we don’t feel our feelings. When we integrate feelings and emotions we have more energy, feel more alive, think more clearly, have access to our intuition, and view life in a clearer fashion

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